The Popeye & Bugs Bunny Hour Show is a complation series like the Bugs Bunny Show in the 1960's to 1980's. This will also feature additional Looney Tunes charactors & Fleischer cartoons, also On Sep. 28, 2014 Jonas announced that "when we run out of the 1930-50's era of theatrical shorts we will do the Popeye The Sailor show from 1960-62 era, but instead we will do it during the theatrical era!". This show's pilot will air in summer of 2015, and the show will air fall 2015 or 2016! In about the a later season popeye cartoons will be all used up and the show will be renames "The Superman & Bugs Bunny Hour" and the first 2 episodes will feat. Looney tuens episodes "Super-Rabbit" & "Stupor Duck" and in another later season after the superman one, it will be renamed "The Betty & Bugs Hour" until the end of the series.

Series OverviewEdit

Only one 13-episode (26-cartoon) season will be produced starting May 2015, and the pilot will be produced March 2015!